Report: Microsoft Trying to Buy Mojang, Creators Of Minecraft

By Luke Plunkett on at

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that, according to "a person with knowledge of the matter", Microsoft is in "serious discussions" to buy Mojang, the studio that made smash hit Minecraft.

The deal is reported to be worth a whopping $2 billion (£1.24 billion)and "could be signed as early as this week".

We've contacted both Microsoft and Mojang for comment, and will update if we hear back.

If the deal does go through, it will raise a number of questions about Minecraft's future availability. Microsoft obviously owns the Xbox brand and has a vested interest in the PC, but Minecraft has also sold millions of copies on competing platforms like mobile and Sony's various PlayStation consoles.

It's worth remembering that in June this year, Mojang founder Markus Persson wrote in a blogpost:

Mojang does not exist to make as much money as possible for the owners. As the majority shareholder, I'd know. Every time a big money making deal comes up that would make a lot of money, it's of course very tempting, but at the end of the day we choose to do what either makes the most sense for our products, or the things that seem like fun for us at Mojang.

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