2048, RPGs and First Person Games in Excel... Wut?

By Leon Hurley on at

Over at Mashable they've got a look at 6 games you can play in Excel. Working actual games. They've come via Cary Walken,  a chartered accountant who made Arena.Xlsm, a Dwarf Fortress style RPG in a spreadsheet.

Check Mashable's list and Walken's blog for more (and download links if you actually want to play any of these) but here are the pretty incredible highlights:

A 3D Maze Game


3D Maze was created by Jordan Goldmeier, another Excel professional (as in it's his day job). He's even posted a tutorial on how to do this sort of thing if you really want to have go.

A hardcore(ish) RPG

According to creator Cary Walken, Arena.Xlsm is an RPG that features 2,000 enemies, 1,000 item combinations, 31 spells and four possible endings. In a spreadsheet.



This started when creator Andrew Werner was trying to come up with strategies for the board game. It ended as a fully playable version for up to four people. It uses the Visual Basic programming language which feels a little like cheating, but still: in a spreadsheet. 



Another one from proper business types that should know better. Not only is this a playable version of the original but it comes with a stealth mode to look like a normal Excel sheet so you can play at work. I'd post a picture of that but it just looks like a spreadsheet.