PewDiePie Made Skate 3 So Popular EA Started Reprinting the Game

By Leon Hurley on at

Skate 3 is four years old and currently at number 20 in the charts. It's also rubbish. A mess of glitches that make it perfect YouTube comedy fodder. The popularity that has generated led to EA reprinting the game to satisfy demand.

This PewDiePie video for example has 12,376,752 views and it's one of eight.

According to MCV the four-year-old Skate 3 has been "a permanent fixture in Chart-Track's weekly listings" all year. Such was the demand that GAME requested EA reprint new copies.

Whatever you think of games coverage on YouTube (PewDiePie is only one of many posting such videos on the game) it's impossible to ignore how important it is when an old game has to be dragged back in to production to satisfy demand.