Here's What the 2014 Pokemon World Championships Look Like

By Keza MacDonald on at

It is my 26th birthday today and I am in Washington DC at the Pokemon World Championships, because I am a normal adult woman. People will be playing from 9am until 9pm today to whittle down the numbers to the top 2 in each age category for the video game and trading card game. There are also hundreds of parents, friends and interested bystanders wandering around, or standing in gigantic queues for special merchandise.



There are essentially three categories of people here: kids having the time of their lives, parents cheering them on, and people like me in their 20s who played Pokemon the first time around.



This was taken just before the start of play: that's the video game playing area in the foreground, and the TCG area up there in the back.



This year's mascot, SuperPikachu, presides over proceedings.

If you're not actually playing in the championships, the main reason to come to Worlds seems to be to stand in a 4-hour (!) long queue to get into the specially set-up Pokemon Centre shop. All of these people are waiting to get in. The line snakes all the way around the convention centre.



To be fair, though you can get some excellent exclusive stuff, like this card box and mat.




I decided to go for a journal and a plush Pikachu, to add to the ever-growing collection of plush Pikachus in my cupboard at home (my partner has, quite reasonably, decided that we can't have plush Pikachus on display around the house).


Is it just me or does the plush Pikachu look really quite a lot like he's giving us the finger? RUDE, Pikachu.

We'll have more form the Worlds over the weekend and beyond - keep an eye out. Earlier today, Junichi Masuda officially unveiled Mega Slowbro at the opening ceremony, and it's streaming live on Twitch right here.

Disclosure: Pokemon Company provided Kotaku UK's travel and accommodation at the Pokemon World Championships.