Forget Horse Poo, the Fulton Recovery System is the Best Thing About MGSV

By Ian Dransfield on at

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain caused a fair few gums to flap thanks to its most recent, lengthy trailer. Which is fair - it was great, showing the mix of intelligent design and sheer silliness Kojima and his team are known for.

But the focus has been all wrong - everyone has been having kittens over the fact that a horse did a poo in the road, causing a jeep to skid off and its occupants to be stunned. Alright, so it was both comical and useful.

But the real joy of Metal Gear Solid V is quite clearly the revamped Fulton recovery system. And I don't just mean because you can kidnap a goat.

No, this is a silly feature that opens up a wealth of new approaches to situations and fundamentally alters some in-game mechanics. You see in the video Snake's use of the Fulton to create a makeshift anti-helicopter jeep-bomb (just what I always wanted).

You also see him, like it ain't no thang, using the Fulton to lift up a shipping container, climb up on top of it and then use the additional height afforded by the ballon-based lifting device to scale a previously unreachable platform.

Kojima Productions has turned something that was an item - something you just used and forgot about - into an element of The Phantom Pain that can totally change your approach to any given situation.

I mean, I didn't expect anything less - it's an endlessly creative studio. But still, I'm both surprised and excited. I've never been excited by horse poo, though.