The Internet Reacts to the New Silent Hill

By Patricia Hernandez on at

Nobody was expecting a new Silent Hill game—much less one that stars Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus, and is being made by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro. But that's exactly what a little demo released on the PS4 store yesterday surprisingly teased for some players who beat it: a new horror game called Silent Hills.

The demo is called "P.T.," as we all now know, and it stands for "Playable Teaser"—as in, playable teaser for Silent Hills. The reaction to this news on social media has been pretty fantastic.

It seems safe to say that many people are hyped on the project. There's definitely some concern over how certain things will be handled in the game too, but nobody can deny that the interactive manner in which Silent Hills was revealed was novel and so very Kojima-like. After all, right up until the end of the demo, nobody actually knew what P.T. actually was:

The Internet Reacts To The New Silent Hill

Here's some more of what people have to say about Silent Hills:

The Internet Reacts To The New Silent Hill

And obviously, there are some video reactions to P.T., too—it is a game, after all. Here are a couple of people playing through the game, in case you're too scared to play through it yourself...or, if you just want to be amused at how the game managed to scare people really well:

What about you, how did you react to the new Silent Hill?