The Stomping Land Hasn't Updated Since it Launched

By Leon Hurley on at

After netting $114,060 from Kickstarter and releasing on Steam Early Access the dino-themed take on DayZ has gone quiet.

It's another another cross against both Kickstarter and Early Access following other questionable titles such as Yogsventure , Earth: Year 2066, the abandoned Towns and even updates to Steam's own T&Cs to warn games might never be finished.

Players are complaining there's been no updates since the 6th of June and the game is currently unfinished in its current state despite releasing for £18.99 at the end of May. In a previous Reddit AMA the game promised "an update every week; either a new feature/dinosaur, optimization, bug fixes etc". The last concrete communication from developers seems to be a post on the Steam forums on June 5th:

During the next few updates/patches we are making network/performance optimization our top priority. This means holding back on introducing, or reintroducing, new content as we want smooth running gameplay before implementing a bunch of new things.

One post on Reddit calls it The Scamming Land, pointing out a complete lack of communication from devs, or post-launch updates for several months (if at all). In fact most of the game's sub-Reddit posts are discussing the possibility of refunds, the downsides of Early Access and accusing the developer, SuperCrit, of taking the cash and running. The Steam Forum isn't much prettier.

The SuperCrit website currently appears to be be down while the game's Facebook page , IndieDB page and Twitter seem to have been largely abandoned since the game launched. The last tweet was posted on the 17th of June:

Part of the breakdown in communication seems to be due to the PR Lee Fisk's contract expiring, although weekly updates were discontinued on July 14th, "until I do have something new to report". The PR also stated that "Jig - as we all know - is not very communicative", referring to lead developer Alex Fundora, who was also behind the Kickstarter. Fisk also mentions the cancelled weekly updates stating: "the Monday posts feel like I am stringing the community along. I don't want that. You don't want that. So I'm not going to continue doing that".

I've contact Alex Fundora and SuperCrit for more information.