Shock Survey Says Video Games are Good for Kids

By Gizmodo UK on at

Scientists are doing another 180-degree opinion flip today, with one group of researchers suggesting that a short spell of video game playing each day may lead to happier, better adjusted children, and not the emotionless killers the media suggests digital entertainment is breeding.

The findings come with some caveats, mind. Anything of up to one hour a day of screen action was found to have a positive effect on the perception of personal happiness felt by a group of kids, although push over that spell and toward the three hour mark and sadness began to creep out again.

Psychologist Dr Andrew Przybylski believes gaming may help children grow emotionally through giving them access to a shared language and skillset, and that by limiting a child's gaming time parents may in effect be limiting its ability to relate to its friends.

Much the same as the way you were an outcast at school in the 1980s if you missed last night's new episode of Blackadder. [BBC]

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