Skea is a Game You Play With Your Ladyparts

By Leon Hurley on at

Kegal exercises work by contracting the  pelvic floor muscles, often using weights and other equipment, to restore tone and function often lost after childbirth. Because loss of bladder control is one of the most common symptoms the game you play with Linkcube Studio's Skea is called 'Alice in Continent', "pun intended". This explains the idea:

 Alice needs to constantly jump around to chase Rabbit Leg-pullers, dodge Lava Leaks, and collect Collagen Elixirs. How do you control the jump action? Not by touching the screen, but by using your pelvic muscles to squeeze on Skea!


I'm pretty sure that jump animation isn't communicating quite the idea they intended. Anyway here's what Skea looks like:


And here's a video explaining more about the Kickstarter project (via Engadget).