The Last Of Us Remastered Tech Breakdown

By Leon Hurley on at

Digital Foundry has been pulling The Last Of Us Remastered apart to find a game that still makes the PS3 look good. On PS4 though?

Here's the basic list of enhancements you'll find in the new version:

"So let's look at the tentpole enhancements as Naughty Dog has outlined them. Principally, we're looking at 1080p resolution at 60fps in both single and multi-player, a 4x detail increase to texture maps and a 2x resolution boost to shadow maps. Texture streaming is no longer required owing to the PS4's prodigious RAM, and there's longer draw distances, better LOD and improved particle effects. In essence, Naughty Dog has scaled up the original game to full HD and boosted assets to match, while doubling frame-rate."

However, while resolution and frame rates are raised the game is still basically a touched up version of the original, featuring flat pack vegetation and low res geometry:

It's important to point out that this is a remaster, not a remake. Where existing higher quality assets are available (for example, cut-scene character models) they are utilised, but there's little evidence to suggest that Naughty Dog has upgraded any of the environments, or boosted geometry.

While texture detail is enormously improved to next-gen standards, geometry remains unchanged - those hexagonal pipes, squared-off edges and bisecting polygonal foliage textures look jarring in the new current-gen era.

Overall Digital Foundry's Richard Leadbetter argues that game itself is great and shows how far Naughty Dog pushed PS3, stating: "is The Last of Us Remastered truly next-gen before its time? In many ways, yes". Overall, though it sounds like only a slightly prettier version of an already great game.