Kotaku UK Deals: White PS4 Destiny Bundle, Raspberry Pi, Ryse and Many More

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In the market for a new console and want to be fancier than everyone else? Well, you can land a white PS4, which is like a not-white PS4, but white. Amazing eh? If you want to be extra fancy, you can buy an American one for really cheap.

You can pick up a PS4 Destiny white console bundle for just £327, and you won't need a step down transformer and there's no hidden shipping costs. Even though you're getting a console from Amazon US, all the warranties are just the same - the only drawback is that it'll only play region one Blu-rays. If that doesn't phase you, this is a great deal for a white PS4.

rasp pi

Raspberry Pi B+ Desktop for £29.00

dark souls

Dark Souls 2 (PS3) for £24.71


Ryse: Son of Rome (Xbox One) for £37.08

lego hobbit

Lego: The Hobbit (PS3) for £24.06


Terraria (Android) for only £1.17

- Borderlands 2 (Mac) for 3.49
- Dark Souls 2 (PS3) for £24.71
- The Sims 3 (PC/Mac) for £17.99
- 1TB Intenso portable external hard drive for £39.99
- Indiana Jones Complete Adventures (Blu-ray) for £34.20
- Infamous Second Son PS4 for £19.99
- PS Plus: July 2014 (Towerfall Ascension, Strider PS4/Dead Space 3, Vessel PS3/Lego Batman, Doki Doki Universe VITA)
- X-Men and Wolverine Adamantium collection: Six films on Blu-ray for £14.99 - Xbox live gold 12 month membership for £21.95
- Refurbished Lenovo Thinkpad t410 Intel i5 2.40ghz laptop 4GB/320GB £189.98
- Official Xbox One wireless controller £33 with code
- Retro 8bitdo NES30 bluetooth wireless gamepad game controller (use as Wiimote and for iOS, PC, Android etc) for £19.19
- Tesco Hudl £99 from today
- Xbox One without Kinect for £309.99 when you buy a game
- Child of Light: Deluxe Edition PS4 for £9.99
- Battlestar Galactica: Complete Series (Blu-ray) for £34.98

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