The Swapper is Coming to Wii U

By Keza MacDonald on at

Curve Studios is bringing Facepalm Games' atmospheric, innovative PC space-puzzler The Swapper to Wii U this November.

If you've not heard of it already, The Swapper casts you as a stranded spaceman on a possibly ancient spacestation, armed with a gun that can conjure clones. It's got an intriguing, spooky ambiance and some excellent puzzles that bend your spatial awareness in ways it definitely isn't used to.

The controls have been rejigged for the GamePad, with a touch-only mode and intuitive control-stick options too. I had a play around with it at Curve yesterday and it's better looking than the upcoming PS3 version, preserving the PC original's depth of field. It's not as quick as a mouse, but during some of the puzzles that rely more on quick reactions, time has been slowed down to accommodate controller play.

The Swapper is out on PC already, on PS3 on August 5th and on Wii U in November. It'll cost about the same on all three, Curve says - so, between £10 and £12.