Japan Gets Two New PS4s: One Nice, One Gross

By Luke Plunkett on at

To recap: there were a lot of awesome limited edition PS3 consoles in Japan. To date, there have been a procession of ugly-ass limited edition PS4 consoles in Japan.

Two more were announced today, and they split the difference. There's one for The Last of Us that I am reluctant to even draw attention to it is so hideous.

Yet there's another for Destiny that is hot. It's the same white edition that's selling in the West with the game, only the Japanese one comes with a restrained Destiny logo. I mean, in essence it's the same thing - a lazy little bit of printing on a single panel of the console, same as the bad ones - but the colour and design make all the difference here.

Japan Gets Two New PS4s: One Nice, One Gross

Both consoles include a copy of their respective games. The Last Of Us bundle is out on August 21, while the Destiny pack is out on September 11.