The Hum Looks Horribly Awesome

By Leon Hurley on at

There's a dream-like feel to The Hum's post-alien invasion that I love. The dark, otherworldly atmosphere to the city streets is eerie as all hell while those spindly invaders are a creepy, creepy mystery.

Watch this early gameplay and see what you think:

The game's just been greenlit (via RPS). The vibe of the whole thing actually reminds me of the movie Monsters where it's the sensation of the creatures' presence, rather than a direct appearance that made the film work. Here the hum in question is a strange noise heard the world over days before the invasion that led to the world's population disappearing.

You play as a survivor exploring months later while dealing with the appearance of new memories and abilities. While the gameplay is built around the usual first person stealth there's a threat of constant abductions that will apparently "alter your sense of reality and will break down your deepest beliefs". More on the game's site and here's a trailer to flesh out the story a bit more: