A Game About Pizza-Delivering Ninja Girls... and Bullying

By András Neltz on at

In a grim, dystopian future, a lone pizza delivery girl-slash-ninja who works for her dad must overcome her biggest enemy: a clique of rival megacorp-allied ninja.

Ninja Pizza Girl looks like a traditional platformer on the surface, but instead of death, the heroine faces depression. Your enemies try to humiliate you by mocking you, verbally harassing you, and even recording your botched jumps and posting them on the internet. The more you're bullied, the more you succumb to depression, and the world around you eventually becomes washed-out and grey:

A Game About Pizza-Delivering Ninja Girls... And Bullying

To avoid that, you must dodge those rival ninja delivery girls as you jump between buildings and make your way towards your destination. The better you perform – i.e the more stunts you manage to pull off – the more vibrant the world will be, and the faster you can run.

The game's being developed by Australia-based indie team Disparity Games (you can learn more about them through our Australian colleagues here), who promise to deliver the game early next year on PC, Android, iOS, and Wii U—provided their funding campaign succeeds.

At the moment, Ninja Pizza Girl is chipping away at a $35,000AU (£19,120) funding goal in a freshly-started Kickstarter campaign, having raised about $3,700AU (£2,020) in its first day. If you're interested, the campaign page has more info, and there's a pre-alpha demo you can try out here.

Ninja Pizza Girl [Kickstarter, via Steam Greenlight]