Japanese Gamers Explain Why the PS4 Isn't Selling There

By Brian Ashcraft on at

Sony. The home team. The PS4 should be doing well in Japan, right? Right? According to Japanese gamers, um, no.

Recently, a Eurogamer article pointing out that the PS4 wasn't exactly doing gangbusters in Japan (the console barely outsells the PS3) was translated and posted on 2ch, the country's largest web forum.

"We're conscious of the fact we have not had yet the sort of groundswell of Japan native content from Japanese publishers and developers," explained Andrew House. "I view that as temporary."

Here's what Japanese gamers say (and keep in mind, these are folks commenting on an anonymous game hardware board, so they might not reflect the opinions of casual players):

"With no games, why'd they think they could sell it?"

"There's no reason to buy this as a PS3 replacement."

"I'll think about buying it again once there's a big price cut."

"It's because Japanese people are dumb. If it's not a brand name game like Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, or Resident Evil people won't buy it. This is stupidity."

"Maybe it's simply because there isn't enough advertising?"

"When there's more serious talk about Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III, the number of buyers will increase. TLDR; It depends on Square Enix."

"I'd get it if there was backwards compatibility from the PS1 to the PS3."

"I only play Vita games."

"It's because things are still happening on the PS3. Loads of people are still satisfied with the PS3's graphics."

"For the time being, it seems like Persona 5 will be out on the PS3. And after that, well, I'll think about getting a PS4 for Phantom Pain."

"Japanese people aren't interested in things that don't change."

"They're selling loads of them abroad, so this really isn't a problem."


Photo: Koji Sasahara/AP