Here's a First Look at Don't Starve Together

By Leon Hurley on at

Klei Entertainment has released a quick teaser of its Don't Starve mutiplayer. Best new feature: if you die you can haunt your friends.

The footage is  below (via Joystiq) Klei describe this as "very early in development" while technical designer Seth Rosen sums up the playthrough:

"As the title card on the below video says, this is early footage that shows some prototype mechanics we have roughed in--they’re still being worked on. It’s by no means final and everything you see is subject to change (though, as we’ve said, we don’t have plans to make drastic changes to the core of the game). In light of that, don’t think of this as a trailer--instead, think of it more as a glimpse of what we’re experimenting with right now."