Special Frozen PS4 Kinda Bothers Me Anyway

By Luke Plunkett on at

Japan being Japan, they're getting another fancy new custom PS4 console before anyone else. Only this time, it's not for a game. It's for a movie. You may have heard of it.

To cash in on the upcoming release of Frozen on Blu-Ray/DVD/whatever, Sony Japan is releasing this custom PS4 that features a fairly simple outline of Anna, Elsa and some snowflakes.

It's...OK? I mean, Frozen nuts may go...nuts for it, but all it does for me is remind me how bad most of these custom PS4 designs have been. How lazy they are. The PS3 was great for these limited deals, with badass, all-over designs like this one. Every custom PS4 we've seen just puts a little graphic on the top HDD panel.

The weirdest part is, a white PS4 is a thing that exists. And this, a movie set entirely in the snow, isn't using it.

Special Frozen PS4 Kinda Bothers Me Anyway