Neversoft Go Out in Style: With Knives and Fire

By Leon Hurley on at

After today there will be no more 'Neversoft' as the Tony Hawk studio merges with Infinity Ward to continue its work on COD.

The employees decided to see the name off in style by burning an effigy of the studio's eyeball logo:

Retiring boss Joel Jewett also gave every member of the team a pretty stern looking knife:

He's a bit of a knife guy. I met him years a go when the studio were working on Wild West adventure Gun. He pulled something like that out, telling me that his wife gets him one as an anniversary present every year. He then used it to describe and mime how scalping works in way too much detail.

Neversoft was most famous for making nine Tony Hawk games, as well as kickstarting the Spider-Man games' template as we know them now (using the Hawk engine). In later years the studio went on to become somewhat of an outsourcing body for Activision working on the Guitar Hero franchise and Call Of Duty.

Best of luck to the team in their new adventures.

Thanks Eurogamer.