Blek Ripp Off Called 'Cloned Blek' Approved by the App Store

By Leon Hurley on at

There have been some shameless copies on the App Store, something Apple seem either unable to see or care about. Now we've hit a new low: a game literally calling itself a clone has been approved.

Making the situation even worse is that Blek was an Apple Design Award Winner this year giving the impression that someone at least acknowledged it exists. That's not stopped Coffee House Apps releasing 'Cloned Blek' for free, undercutting the original's £1.99. Cloning seems to simply be a part of gaming these days as the Flappy Bird glut, Threes vs 2048 or Vlambeer's experiences have proved. But this is such a blatant failure on Apple's part that you have to wonder is anyone cares or vets the software at all? I wonder if anyone could publish a game called 'This is a rip of World Of Tanks Blitz' just to pick the current editor's pick. Now there's a challenge.

(Via Gamezebo)

Here's the original in action:

And here's a few screens of the slightly less swish looking rip off:

Cloned-Blek-1 screen568x568-1