Just Dance is Now an eSport. Wut?

By Leon Hurley on at

I'm not sure Ubi has seen most people play (jazz hands! Drinking!) but that hasn't stopped it adding Just Dance as an event in the Electronic Sports World Cup. That's right: competitive pretend dancing.

According to ESWC founder Matthieu Dallon: "Competitive gaming has to welcome all kind of players, has to be developed in partnership with the games publishers, and has to showcase the most advanced technologies which link the body to the game. Just Dance is for ESWC the perfect medium to reach those goals."

I like the idea of making competitive gaming more approachable, I'm just not sure pro-Just Dance teams towelling down and whooping encouragement from the sidelines between rounds is going to convince anyone.

Full Just Dance World Cup details will arrive on July 10th with qualifiers continuing until September 21st and the grand final kicking off at Paris Games Week from 30th October to 1st November.

(Via Eurogamer)