You're Basically Getting a New STALKER Game

By Luke Plunkett on at

We'll likely never get a proper STALKER game again. But that's OK! Loads of people who made STALKER - and Metro 2033 - are off to make a new game that's a lot like STALKER, it just isn't called that.

That game is Areal, which is currently up on Kickstarter, described as the "definitive spiritual successor to the cult hit S.T.A.L.K.E.R."

It's an open-world game set in a post-apocalyptic world where nothing is linear and...look, it sounds just like STALKER, OK? Just with some new stuff, like smarter animals, alien crystals and the ability to use a wide variety of vehicles, including helicopters.

While it sounds a lot like STALKER, though, it doesn't look it. There are bright splashes of colour throughout the art shown, which is a nice change of pace from a group of developers whose previous projects have specialised in grey, black and brown.

You can back it here. Promisingly, they're only asking for $50,000 (£29,481), which seems a pretty easy target given the dev's pedigree.