Kotaku UK Deals: Warm Up For The Steam Summer Sale

By Lewie Procter on at

Sad news I’m afraid. This is to be my last deals roundup for Kotaku UK. It’s been fun whilst it’s lasted, but the suits upstairs have decided they no longer want me to produce this column, as they’ve had an offer from someone else to produce it it for free. [Editor's note: going forward our deals posts will be produced in-house at Future and/or in partnership with Hot UK Deals.] “Free” is cheaper than “reasonable freelance rates”, so I can understand why it’s an attractive offer, but it’s disappointing for me all the same. Still, I’ll be continuing to chronicle the best deals in gaming around the clock over at SavyGamer, and you can always drop me a line on Twitter if you’d like help finding a good deal on a specific game. Here’s my final roundup of the best gaming bargains this week:

Peggle, PC/Mac - Free
Origin isn’t a great piece of software, and bizarrely many of the prices on EA’s games are higher than buying the exact same title from a different distributor, but one of the nice things it does is give you a game for free every now and again. First was Dead Space, then Battlefield 3, then Plant vs Zombies, and now it’s time for the happy game about hitting pegs with a ball. Unless they’ve updated the PC version since I last played it, it only supports 4:3 resolutions, and only low resolutions at that, but at least it’s still the purest form of Peggle, free of microtransactions and such. You’ve got nothing to lose here, and if Peggle Fever doesn’t put a smile on your face, I don’t know what will.

Fez, PS3/PS3/PS Vita – £3.99
The game behind the man. Whilst half the internet is busy expressing sympathy for the personal and emotional hardship developer Philippe Poisson has experienced as a reaction to his outspoken persona, and the other half is furious at him for bluntly sharing his views on twitter, Sony has gone and put his game on sale. I guess it’s easy to hate Phil Fish, he’s the polar opposite of a carefully orchestrated PR plan, and my impression of him is that more often than not he’s not actually too bothered about whether he offends or upsets his audience, but it’s hard to feel all that good about an environment where industry professionals are crucified in the media and by the gaming public for basically being human. Obviously people should be held accountable for their actions, and should be open to criticism, but there has to be a happy middle ground where developers don’t feel that withdrawing from public discourse is the best option.

Battlefield 4, PC – £11.99
Apply coupon “UKJUN20OFF”.
Registers on Origin.
The fourth in the series of games centreing around combat between opposing teams of sentient patches of grass. You have to attempt to spray your targets with as much herbicide as possible, in the hope that the vegetation on their field dies off. It’s kind of surprising to me that such an arty concept managed to find so much success, but it just goes to show you that you can never tell where the next blockbuster will come from.

Sony PS4 - £299
That’s a rather tasty price. If E3 announcements like Grim Fandango Remastered, No Man's Sky and Bloodborne got you all hot and bothered, and you’re looking to big up Sony’s black wedge, you’re unlikely to see a better price than this. It’s preowned, but comes with GAME’s standard 12 month warranty, and if you’re not happy with the condition of the unit when you receive it, you can pop along to your local branch to swap it for another one, or get a refund.

Massive GOG sale
Bit hard to recommend any specific games in this sale, since the discounts change on an hourly basis, so it represents a bit of a moving target. There’s been a load of great games featured already, many of them for just a quid or two. They keep cycling through some of the same deals, so fingers crossed that the likes of System Shock 2, Alpha Centauri, The Swapper & Papers, Please all show their faces again. Today is the last day of the GOG sale, so don’t hold back now.

Steam Summer sale
Launching shortly is the annual Steam Summer sale. Hundreds of games will be available for less than they usually cost. What might turn up in the sale is anyone’s guess, but a few devs gave me a cheeky heads up that they’re going to be discounted at some point. Be on the lookout for Ms. Splosion Man on the cheap (which has also just had the ghastly GFWL removed from it), a bunch of titles from Mastertronics, including 10 Second Ninja, Richard & Alice and Blast ‘Em, and I saw Tower of Guns dev Joe Mirabello drop a subtle hint that it might be discounted too. Remember: It’s best to wait until the final day of the sale to buy a game unless it’s on daily special or a flash sale, since there’s every chance it could be discounted later in a daily special or flash sale.

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