Vlambeer Hacked Twitch to Sell Nuclear Throne

By Leon Hurley on at

Nuclear Throne is the first game to be sold via streaming platform Twitch and as it turns out, how that came about wasn't exactly official.

I recently had a sit down with Vlambeer's Rami where we talked Nuclear Thone, Vlambeer and loads of other stuff (all to come later). One thing we discussed was how the process of selling the game by Twitch was implemented via something he described as "abusing their API".

"It wasn’t suppose to be a thing you can do. What you can do is check whether someone is subscribed. I’m a programmer and if I can check if someone is subscribed I can give them a key when they subscribe. That’s a thing I can do. So as a programmer I created that and nobody had ever created that and I’ve no idea why because we are very much in a world of streaming. Video content is such a big part of the ecosystem surrounding games right now. Nobody had ever sold a game through streaming, why doesn’t anybody do that? So eventually I just sat down and programmed that and now you can buy our game through Twitch. But basically I abused the API, I went to them and said, 'here look at what I did'. They were like ‘Wait, what? What did you do?’ and I was like 'I did that'. Is this okay?'"

Obviously Twitch were okay and according to Rami he going to make the system he introduced available for free in the near future.