Kojima Responds to MGS5 Ground Zeroes' Controversial Scenes

By Leon Hurley on at

Speaking to Gamasutra Hideo Kojima has commented on the reaction to some of the darker moments in Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes involving torture and rape.

While part of the interview addresses the problems of retaining creative freedom and authorship of a game as budgets spiral out of control he addresses the reaction to some of Ground Zeroes more difficult themes directly:

“Of course I expected people to react to this, but then again the theme of the game I’m trying to create here…there are very dark themes; themes such as race, and revenge. That’s something I don’t want to look away from. I did see the reaction coming, but that doesn't change the message I want to relay. Certainly, what I’m trying to do is different from just shooting at zombies. I’m trying to depict something, a very specific message about things that happened in history. I think that, just because I have a very specific theme I want to relate, there are things that I just cannot look away from and I need to depict.”