Atari to Return! As Casual Gaming, Casino Touting Vlog-Makers

By Ian Dransfield on at

What's the last thing you'd want a resurgent, legendary gaming company to become? If you said 'a peddler of casual games, gambling and Youtube vlogs' then well done - you've figured out Atari's plans.

According to a report on Wired, one of gaming's most well-known and (formerly) well-loved brands is coming back, but this time Atari's dropping the Jaguar.

No, this time we're going to see a new version of Asteroids to jump on the survival genre bandwagon, where you play the pilot of your tiny asteroid-blasting ship as they have to survive on an asteroid (using that word a lot) they have crashed on.

That sounds great. Except for the whole "It’s social, so the more friends you have the better, and you can play anywhere because it’s on mobile," as said by Fred Chesnais, CEO and majority shareholder at Atari.

Yep - more casual, spam-your-mates 'fun'. But hey, Chesnais is credited in the article with reviving another failed brand - Microprose - and we all saw how well that did. So who am I to question?

Then there's the fact Atari intend to move into proper, real-money gambling. Now I've nothing against that per se, but it doesn't exactly feel like the resplendent return of the legendary company that brought us the 2600, Pong and Pitfall.

Finally Atari is launching Atari TV - actually the least bad sounding part of the whole endeavour. It's vlogs and Youtube shows, the first of which will follow Pele around during the World Cup. That sounds... well, it sounds pretty cool.

But none of it sounds very Atari. We shall see how this all turns out.