Titanfall is Getting Two New Modes in its Next Update

By Yannick LeJacq on at

Annoyed that EA didn't drop any major sequel-sized news about Titanfall during its E3 press conference this week? Fear not. Developer Respawn has still got all you budding Titan pilots out there covered with two new gameplay modes coming in the game's update out this summer:

The first, "Marked for Death," pits two teams of six against each other, with one member of each team being—you guessed it—marked for death. The rest of the team have to protect the target while trying to kill the opposing team's in turn.

"Wingman LTS," meanwhile, is four-player version of the existing Last Titan Standing—a timed deathmatch mode in which players try to eliminate the opposing team with no respawns or new Titans until the next round. With opposing two-person teams, Wingman LTS is the first gameplay mode in Titanfall that's not 6v6.

EA and Respawn are showing both off at E3 this week, and they said that the new modes will arrive for Titanfall players at some unspecified time later this summer.