No Man's Sky is the Most Solitary Multiplayer Game in Existence

By Ian Dransfield on at

Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games, has been talking up the amazing-looking No Man's Sky during E3.

In an interview with PlayStation, which you can see below, he cleared up some of the confusion about the game being massively multiplayer.

"Some people think this is an MMO. This is the opposite of an MMO," he said.

"We're doing the worst thing possible - we're taking all the players who play and we're flinging them across the universe, just scattering them."

You will be able to play with other people, of course, it's just not very likely you'll encounter them in the first place. No Man's Sky could end up being the loneliest multiplayer game in existence.

"There are elements where you'll get crossover and interaction with other players, but that's not what this game is about," Murray added.

"You can interact - you can interact in significant ways. But that's not what's core to the game."

Most importantly though, Murray was asked if you can kill dinosaurs in No Man's Sky.

"You could kill five dinosaurs," he replied.