Come on Sony, What's With All the Ugly Pads?

By Ian Dransfield on at

It might not matter to some, but it matters to me - I like picking up pads of a different colour to the stock PlayStation black we've had since the PS2 days.

My white and silver Dualshock 3 pads are lovely, and I would like to have more lovely alternate colours for the PlayStation 4. Instead Sony provides us with ugly, ugly pads non-stop.

I mean, look at the two that have been announced this week - the white pad for the Destiny bundle, which just looks daft to my eyes, and this... abomination... of a camo pad:

Dualshock 4 white

Dualshock 4 camo

And compare them with the other two non-stock options - the red and blue pads. They're... well they're just hideous.

Dualshock 4 red

Dualshock 4 blue

It's just annoying after seeing so many pretty pads recently from both Nintendo and Microsoft.

Guess I'm sticking with old faithful for now. What about you lot? Any of these horrors actually tickle your fancy?

Dualshock 4 black