Watch Shigeru Miyamoto Show Off His Weird New Wii U Games

By Evan Narcisse on at

The man responsible for Mario came to E3 with a fistful of new game prototypes to show. One's a new entry in the fan-favourite Star Fox franchise. The others? They're kind of goofy but clever, just as you'd expect from Miyamoto-san.

In the video—which is more than a half-hour long—Mr. Miyamoto talks as members of internal Nintendo development teams play through Project: Guard and Project Giant Robot prototypes. The fast-paced security camera tower defence of Guard looks like a lot of fun, while Giant Robot's build-and-brawl gameplay looks a bit rougher around the edges.

Miyamoto himself seems like he's having as much fun as ever and tries to get the crowd involved in the gameplay of the two in-development titles. Neither one seems deep enough for a standalone game at this point and it seems more likely that they'll be individual downloads or part of a larger package. Things could change, though, as these are clearly early iterations of game ideas.