Sheltered is FTL Meets 'Fallout: The Early Years'

By Leon Hurley on at

Sure, Fallout deals with the mutant shootin' aftermath of a nuclear holocaust years later, but what about those first weeks? When people are still banging on the door of your bunker asking  for help?


That's where Sheltered comes in. Just announced on Kickstarter it's an interesting looking take on crisis management in a nuclear bunker, just post-boom. It's caught my eye because UK developer Unicibe aren't asking for a fortune (£15,000) and it's got an FTL-ish disaster management feel to it - juggling broken equipment and threats to stay alive just that bit longer.

A key task is to maintain the shelter - fixing oxygen pumps, power supplies and so on, while also dealing with survivors via random encounters. These can include things like a woman with a baby offering food for a day's shelter, heavily armed soldiers demanding supplies or just good old fashioned serial killers.


It doesn't look like there's any set goal, just survive as long as possible - getting supplies, keeping the shelter running and dealing with threats including radiation, mental exhaustion and "irradiated beasts of the nuclear wasteland".

Anyway, check out the pitch and see what you think: