Rainbow Six Siege Announced. It's SWAT in all But Name

By Leon Hurley on at

The action shows a Rainbow team scoping out a hostage situation before choosing an approach and attempting the most destructive rescue in the history of collateral damage.

It follows the Six team chasing criminals as they try to escape through a house. At the same time a Battlefield shaming level of destruction shreds walls and doors - almost every bullet hole remains, leaving the environment peppered with damage.

The focus through all this seems to be more on short tactical encounters as the police team use drones to recon areas and charges to blow holes in things to make new routes. As the two sides clash a counter pops up at each death to remind survivors what the odds are - starting at 5 vs 5, 5 vs 4, 4 vs 3 etc. That suggests a slower pace than the usual deathmatches sprint.

There was no word on date or platform and the whole thing has the look of optimistic pre-vis CG.