Far Cry 4's Opening Features Fake Passports, Violence and a Selfie

By Ian Dransfield on at

Far Cry 4 starts you off at the foot of the Himalayas, with a fake passport, a bit of cash and a gun. And according to Ubisoft's Dan Hay: "After that... you're fucked."

It doesn't look to be a huge change from Far Cry 3, but then that was an excellent game - so why would we want it changed much?

Those similarities even go so far as Far Cry 4's main antagonist - in that he's a charismatic madman who isn't afraid of knifing someone to death for making a bit of a mistake, before taking a selfie with the main character. Not the best kind of boss, truth be told.

Expect to see more from Far Cry 4 as E3 progresses. From the look at the game's opening, it could well be special.

There's also some amazing Far Cry 4 gameplay, showing wingsuits, weapons and elephants smashing stuff. [Update: it's been taken down for now. We've got GIFs for the time being and will get the video back as soon as it's officially released.]