Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Refocuses On Tactical Play

By Ian Dransfield on at

Dragon Age III: Inquisition looks like it could rectify the mistakes of the second game, if EA's E3 showcase is anything to go by.

Being soundtracked by live cello music, EA showed us the sort of epic lands players will be traversing - sometimes on horseback - as they take on the quest that, this time, isn't limited to one city.

Explore with 'more freedom than ever before' as you lead a team to battle a fierce enemy - it's all as if Dragon Age II never happened, to be honest.

Combat is back to the strategic style of the first game - if you so choose - as players can use a tactical mode to fight in a way that pauses time while you issue commands.

And who are you commanding? A team of heroes, of course, brought together to fight this great evil. A Grey Warden, Serah the elven 'wildcard', a Kunari mercenary with vast strangth and Vivienne - a mage of 'incredible power'. There are more are to be revealed.