Battlefield: Hardline Shows Off Intense, Extreme Multiplayer

By Ian Dransfield on at

Cops and criminals - the good versus the bad - Battlefield: Hardline is a spin-off that's been in the making for three years.

Dead Space studio Visceral Games is at the helm - as you may know from all the leaks - and the studio is focusing on teamwork, destruction, vehicles and the storyline, apparently.

But it's multiplayer that matters the most, and we were shown a 32-player online battle - bad guys stealing some cash, the SWAT teams are trying to stop them. It's cops versus criminals, and it looks thrilling.

It also looks like the Battlefield we all know and love, with a dash of Payday 2 thrown inĀ  and a hint of Kane and Lynch 2's multiplayer, because why not?

With the police pursuing on the ground and in the skies, the criminals have to resort to all manner of extreme tactics to escape - including caving in a tunnel on a police car and dealing with the aftermath of a construction crane collapsing and destroying half a skyscraper.

It's all very exciting, and it looks very much like some of the biggest maps in a Battlefield game we've ever seen.