The Original Bird Dating Sim is Getting an English Remake

By Mike Fahey on at

Hatoful Boyfriend is a Japanese dating sim that replaces the usual array of sexy anime characters with pictures of birds. Devolver Digital and Mediatonichave teamed up to official bring this wonderfully creepy thing to the Western world.

Hatoful Boyfriend — literally 'Pigeon-ful Boyfriend' (thanks, AnimeNewsNetwork) — took the internet by storm in late 2011, capturing the hearts, minds and cloaca of people looking for proof that Japan is pretty weird sometimes. The original game spawned fan-made English language translations, as well as some very unfortunate fan art and fan fiction.

Devolver and Mediatonic will be showing the new English version of the game being closed doors at E3 next week, with the game coming to PC and Mac later this year. While we wait, here's my original post from 2011, complete with what might be the best headline I've ever written.