EA Just Can't Keep the Next Battlefield Game a Secret

By Luke Plunkett on at

I'm sure a few months back EA had a nice, clear marketing scheme laid out for its next Battlefield game, Hardline. A scheme that's now in tatters.

The game was revealed in the press ahead of time. So EA made a very brief, official announcement. But then an early trailer leaked. Then some gameplay footage. Now the game's E3 trailer is out there.

EA Just Can't Keep The Next Battlefield Game A Secret

While EA is scrubbing the clip from YouTube, we've seen it, and...let's just say it doesn't cover your average, everyday police work.

Set in Los Angeles, the trailer shows off Hardline's singleplayer campaign, suggesting that you play one of two cops who are...well, driving around shooting at everything. You shoot from moving cars. Helicopters are shooting (and crashing). Cops in body armour are advancing and...shooting.

EA Just Can't Keep The Next Battlefield Game A Secret

There is even a cop sliding across the front of a police car.

The end of the trailer reveals an October 21 release date (and a PlayStation bumper, suggesting this was supposed to be part of Sony's E3 press conference).

UPDATE: EA have officially released the trailer, show below: