Driveclub Has Some Preposterous Facts

By Leon Hurley on at

Fully modeled clouds reacting to dynamic wind. Tracks with over a million trees. 19,000 flamingos with independent AI. Who cares about polygons and map data when Driveclub might have gone mad.

There are 51 facts in total over at the PlayStation EU blog. Most of them are the usual dull technical showing off - something about how many mics they used to record the vrooms, or stuff about lighting. Some of it however is just plain crazy:

  • All clouds are full 3D models to ensure accurate light diffusion from the sun. They’re calculated at massive distances in a fully volumetric form, so thin clouds cast lighter shadows than dense storm clouds, and their colour impacts the feel of the landscapes and cars.
  • Clouds react dynamically to different wind speeds. This is then converted into a ground wind speed which accurately interacts with all vegetation, overhead cables and other environmental features, based on their height from the ground.
  • Waves and rippling on the surface of lakes is dynamically linked to wind speed, which affects how clear reflections are in the water.
  • Some tracks boast over 1.2 million road-side trees – and this number keeps going up as the artists try to out-do each other as development progresses.
  • There are over 100 different varieties of trees, bushes, mosses and flowers. The team consulted botanists at Kew Gardens to learn which plants would naturally grow in each location.
  • The Indian track Chungara Lake boasts a 19,000-strong flock of pink flamingos, all behaving independently of each other.