Ubisoft Game: The Review is Cruel but Kinda True

By Mike Fahey on at

 Games.On.Net's Tim Colwill has written the only review of an open-world Ubisoft action adventure game we'll ever need. Here's an excerpt:

Ubisoft Game is the story of Main Character, a gruff or sassy white man who is really good at parkour, killing, and killing while doing parkour. One of the most iconic features of Main Character is the way he dresses — Main Character's sense of style and flair really comes across in his tailored outfit, which makes him look distinctive and features a number of clear symbols that can be easily used in marketing and merchandising.

Brilliant! This is going to save the gaming media a whole lot of time in the future. Thanks, Tim!

Ubisoft Game: The Review [Games.On.Net]