It's OK to Kill Evil People (if it's Funny)

By Leon Hurley on at

Kill The Bad Guy is my kind of game - murdering people with carefully arranged accidents. Which, now that you mention it, does sound bad when you say it out loud.

It's essentially a slapstick puzzler that reminds me of the more creative 'accidental' kills in the Hitman series. Here you manipulate the environment, sabotaging things and influencing the path of your victim to bring him to harm. Fires, traffic accidents, decapitations - the pleasure's in setting it all up and then watching the screaming, limb-severing results with the game passing off the slaughter as a secret society killing off war criminals and other evildoers.

As RPS point out it's had a chequered past with a failed Kickstarter but a successful Greenlight meaning it'll be out next week on May 28th (although you can try a demo here).