Kotaku UK Deals: PS4, Mario Kart 8 Bundle, Titanfall and More

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Welcome back to another Kotaku UK deals post. I’ve been searching far and wide for the gaming discounts most worthy of your attention, and here’s my weekly summary of what they are, and why you should consider forking over some of your hard earned cash for them. For a big long list of all the different deals available, sorted platform by platform, head along to SavyGamer.co.uk.


Sony PS4 – £314.10 delivered

Apply coupon “TDX-JK4T”.

Best deal you’re likely to see on the PS4 for a while. This kind of discount takes the wind out of the sails for Microsoft’s £350 Kinectless bundle announcement. This is the most sensible console purchase you can make this year. Right out of the gate, Sony has presented a credible vision for the future of console gaming, and the early momentum shows no signs of slowing down. You could instead opt for the Infamous bundle at £346.50, where for an extra £32.40, you get a copy of Infamous: Second Son, 3 months of PS+ and a blu ray about a Spider-Man.

Wii U

Nintendo Wii U [Premium], Mario Kart 8 & Another Game – £206.10

Apply coupon “TDX-JK4T”.

If my head says that the cheap PS4 is the most sensible console purchase that you can make this year, my heart says that the Wii U is the one most likely to bring happiness into your life today. There’s no substitute for Nintendo, and this bundle is a great testament to that.

Once you register your copy of Mario Kart on the Nintendo Club, you’ll be offered a free download of any one of these games:

Game & Wario, Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate, New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land, Pikmin 3, Sonic Lost World, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, The Wonderful 101 & Wii Party U.

So for £206 you get yourself a shiny new Wii U, a new entry in the definitive kart racer series that’s arguably only ever got better with each iteration, and a choice from a fantastic selection of bonus games. My top choices would probably be Monster Hunter, NSMB, Pikmin 3, Wind Waker or Wonderful 101.

Saturday Deals: Homeworld Remastered CE, Titanfall, Final Fantasies

Titanfall, Xbox One - £23.99

Currently the best game about using a controller to aim a gun at baddies and then pressing the trigger to shoot them. At least in a multiplayer context. Titanfall’s greatest success from my perspective is that it’s fun even if you’re a bit rubbish at it. Get into a match with a few friends, and even if you’re just scurrying around trying to not die, you’ll probably have a few key moments where you can meaningfully help out one of your competent teammates. Robots are smashy bashy fun, the levels are pretty big, and the buildings all have multiple points of entry/exit. Good dumb fun.


Machinarium, iPhone/iPad - £1.99

This here’s a beautiful, contemplative, point and click ‘em up. It's a robotic roller coaster of emotions, where you explore intricate hand-drawn environments and get caught up in a mysterious plot involving kidnap, jailbreak, and drone terrorism. Some of the puzzles are a bit on the convoluted side of the difficulty spectrum, but there’s a hint system that works fine most of the time. This would be lovely to play curled up in bed with a pair of headphones on.

Castlevania SOTN

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, PS3/PSP/PS Vita – £3.99

To many people this is still the definitive Castlevania game, and it’s hard to argue. Ideally I’d prefer to get the PSP version of Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles made available on PSN, but this is probably the next best thing. This is £4 for the original PSone release, and buying once lets you get it for PS3,  PSP and PS Vita. Hopefully Sony is going to update the PS4 to play PSone games at some point down the line, but nothing about that has been announced yet.


Mirror’s Edge, PS3 – £3.99

The best freerunning game. I have big love for Mirror’s Edge. It’s still to this day one of the most visually striking and memorable video game worlds, with bold colours and subtly futuristic architecture. There’s a learning curve, and even though I love this game to pieces, I’ll be the first to admit that individual aspects of it are clunkier than they need to be. But it’s totally worth persevering, because once you get to be quite good at it, magic happens.

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