Bombshell Reveal Trailer Reveals Boobs and Not Much Else

By Richard Wordsworth on at

Remember when Duke Nukem Forever came out and everyone wondered if maybe Duke's boundless machismo and casual misogyny were out of place in the world of modern gaming? Well, Duke's original publisher 3D Realms evidently doesn't.

Enter Bombshell, an action RPG in which the President has once again been kidnapped by aliens and it's up to you to ride in and save the day. Except this time, instead of a musclebound, bleached blond John-St.-John-a-like, you'll play as Shelly 'Bombshell' Harrison, a space-faring bomb disposal expert apparently moonlighting as a barmaid at The Torture Garden. Perhaps she's paying off the debt from bomb disposal school.

According to developers Interceptor Entertainment, Shelly will face off against "out-of-this-world enemies" with "a host of genre-crossing mechanics" and a "never-before-seen arsenal of devastating weaponry." Not that we can tell, because the trailer is just Shelly sitting around in her apartment in a metal bikini drinking whiskey - Adam Jensen in drag.

Check out the trailer below if you want to learn nothing about the game and ogle Shelly's semi-nude, weirdly rigid character model.