New Rockstar Game For PS4/Xbox One - Agent? Bully? Or Just GTA V Again?

By Richard Wordsworth on at

According to a Take Two earnings call, Rockstar's got a top-secret project in the works due out for Xbox One and PS4 sometime this financial year - before March 2015, in other words.

We've rooted around in the Kotaku office rumour mill, and from what we can dredge up there's four things this secret project could be: that possible sequel to 2006's Bully we heard about a couple of years back (yay!); the fittingly secretive spy RPG Agent, which Rockstar claims is still in development, despite no-one having heard anything for ages (also yay); or a completely new IP (cautious, non-committal yay). Or, GTA V again, but on the next-gen consoles, which seems pretty likely. Slighty-more-muted-yay.

That's all we'll know until at least E3, when it's just possible that Take Two will give us something more. Or not, as Rockstar doesn't do E3. Be patient, basically.

Via GameTrailers.