Ironically, Someone's Just Found a Good Use for the Kinect

By Richard Wordsworth on at

Just when things were looking their bleakest for Xbox One's face-scanning, body-tracking, voice-reading albatross, someone clever so-and-so's gone and strung three of them together in a triangle and made himself his own motion capture rig.

The results are a little fuzzy, but keep in mind that this set-up isn't even using the new Xbox One Kinect. This 3D footage, which looks a bit like real life pushed through Photoshop's Crosshatch filter, was captured on the original Kinect for the 360 - on four-year-old technology.

Why is this cool? Well, because despite its prevalence in triple-A development, motion-capture is still a prohibitively expensive process for smaller developers. And while there are hardware developers like PrioVR developing simpler rigs to drive this cost down, being able to achieve even halfway similar results with three £80 Kinects and a laptop could change how indies look considerably.

Check out the video below, where the author pairs the trio of Kinects with an Oculus Rift for extra geek cred.