Warhammer 40,000 Chess is Chess with Chainswords

By Richard Wordsworth on at

Not content just to bring Warhammer 40K fans another Dawn of War sequel, Games Workshop have just announced a new partnering with Hammerfall Publishing to release Warhammer 40,000: Chess - Regicide. And yes, that is the real title.

Players will face off against each other in a story written by Games Workshop's Deathwatch RPG writer Ross Watson, and missions (yes, chess missions) designed by chess grandmaster Zhao Zong-Yuan, according to IGN.

What those missions will look like, we don't know, except for that they'll involve (though possibly not exclusively) the Blood Angel Space Marines and the Space Orks, and that they'll be pretty violent - the developers have reportedly motion-captured hundreds of brutal finishing moves for pieces to inflict on each other as they charge across the tiles.

No gameplay yet, but there's a CGI teaser trailer below. There's also a website with a countdown for you to look at, although at the time of posting, it's not doing anything but showing a load of zeroes.

Via IGN.