Scottish CeX Rejects the Pound, Sells Games for Bitcoins Instead

By Richard Wordsworth on at

Hopes that Scotland might remain in the UK after the upcoming independence referendum were dealt another blow today with the announcement that second-hand games retailer CeX's Sauchiehall store in Glasgow has been declared a "pound-free zone" from the 13th to the 15th of May, during which period it will only accept Bitcoins. Assuming this isn't all a joke, which it might be.

"Championing the pioneering digital currency, CeX’s exclusion of the pound will turn the Glasgow high street into a Bitcoin laboratory, showcasing a possible alternative form of currency, should Scotland choose independence in the forthcoming referendum," the company said in a press release.

"In our store, the staff and customers live and breath technology so it’s only appropriate we looked at Bitcoin as a way for our customers to buy and sell video games and electronic goods," said David Butler, the company's commercial director. "Not only does Bitcoin have a number of security and access benefits, but it is also gaining popularity amongst consumers the world over."

The store will also reportedly house Scotland's first Bitcoin ATM, from which customers can withdraw physical Bitcoins, then take them to a bank to try and change them for pounds so they can shop anywhere other than CeX in Glasgow. Physical Bitcoins do exist, but with a single Bitcoin valued at around £262, they make for pretty hefty withdrawls - especially when all you have to spend them on are second-hand games that would otherwise cost a tenner.