Please Help Us Fix Battlefield 4, Says DICE/EA

By Richard Wordsworth on at

Battlefield 4's gremlin infestation is infamous - but instead of letting them just sit there griping about the game-breaking bugs, now developers DICE are offering aggrieved players the chance to be part of the solution. By making them honorary "Community Testers".

Here's what that means, according to the Battlefield blog:

"The Community Test Environment (CTE) will provide passionate fans the chance to evolve Battlefield 4 with us and become a part of the development process. We’ll be able to test new ideas and solutions to current issues before we roll them out to all Battlefield players.

"By launching this new program, not only will we be able to address player feedback at an early stage, but also increase the overall quality of the game. We are excited to explore the possibilities together with you."

To be eligible to work for DICE as what sounds basically like an unpaid QA tester, you'll need to be both a PC player and a Battlefield 4 Premium member. For full details, have a read of the full post on the Battlefield blog.