GTA High Life Update Launches, Adds Cars, Apartments and Mental State Stats

By Richard Wordsworth on at

The next big update for GTA Online has arrived, bringing even more fripperies with which to trick out your personal gangster's paradise. Included with usual tweaks and bug fixes are new fancy apartments, more sportscars from the single-player story and the Bullpup Rifle - ideal for pointing at anyone you catch eyeing up at all your flash new stuff.

The update also includes the new Mental State stat, which lets you see on the minimap whether a player is by-and-large friendly to others, or whether they're a burbling psychotic mess who shouldn't be trusted with a pair of nail clippers. White blips good, red blips bad. This new stat also feeds into the game's matchmaking, so if you're forever jacking other players' cars and peeling off over their still-warm corpses, you'll be lumped in with all the meanies who can't be trusted to play nice.

Rockstar has also reverted the changes made to bike physics, to the delight of all the bike stunt-people out there.

For a full list of everything included in the update, check out this post on Rockstar Newswire.