Wasteland 2 Gets Release Date for its Release Date

By Richard Wordsworth on at

After months of delays and a whopping 48 backer updates, one of Kickstarter's biggest gaming success stories is finally almost not quite here. In its latest update to Wasteland 2 backers, developer InXile officially announced that the game's final release date will be... revealed before the end of the month. Which is, you know, something.

"It is May and things are good," writes InXile president Matthew Findley on the game's Kickstarter page. "We are nearing the end of the three-month plan we outlined earlier, and hit all our internal end-of-April milestones, which is a rarity. We're getting closer every day, and we intend to announce the official release date sometime this month."

That three-month plan was time the team set aside to lock down Wasteland 2's core systems, so that the rest of development could be spent squashing the 2,300 bugs that had crawled out of the game's beta, which launched last December - which, in theory, means that grelmins aside, Wasteland 2 is very nearly done.

For a closer look at how the game's shaping up, check out this tasty gameplay video.