This New Parrot Drone Uses Oculus Rift for Extra-Immersive Snooping

By Richard Wordsworth on at

Parrot, the French company that built a whole business out of bored neighbours spying on each other, has announced the latest addition to its flock of quadcopter spy drones: the Parrot Bebop. What does it do that the old drones don't? Well, this one can be controlled with the Oculus Rift, so now you'll be able to peer into next door's bedroom and feel like you're really there - without all the hassle of getting the ladder out of the shed.

Other features of the Bebop drone remain pretty much the same as the last-gen model: four rotors, an HD camera mounted in the nose, and foam bumpers on the sides to stop you smashing your £300+ investment to pieces when you crash it into a chimney or lose it in a hedge. Which, given its rather piffling 12-minute battery life, you probably will. Lots. Here's a video of CNET playing with it:

No official release date or price has been announced, although Parrot have said that it's expecting to launch the drone toward the end of the year, and that it'll be a bit pricier than the current model, which currently goes for a little over £300.

Via Mashable.